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Study Hebrew Words and Hebrew Phrases

E-Tone® – Interactive Hebrew Newspaper


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Ulpan-Or’s online Hebrew newspaper, E-Tone®, is an innovative, interactive news digest published on a weekly basis to aid with the studying of Hebrew words and Hebrew phrases. E-Tone® comes in three levels: Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced.

The main objective is to help E-Tone® subscribers significantly improve their Hebrew in a short time, and eventually be able to access regular Israeli written and broadcast media.

The weekly online Hebrew newspaper E-Tone® includes the latest actual news items broadcast by the Israeli media in Hebrew.

Each item is processed using Ulpan-Or’s unique Hebrew learning methodology, and the items are presented in audio and video files, including accompanying text that highlights specific vocabulary.

A full English translation of each item is provided to help subscribers practice their Hebrew vocabulary and Hebrew phrases.

E-Tone® items address different aspects of life in Israel and around the world, delivering fresh, up-to-date, relevant news in modern Hebrew.

Each E-Tone® edition usually includes four short items.

  • Item #1 is usually related to the latest important developments in Israel
  • Item #2 is usually related to the latest important developments around the world
  • Item #3 usually covers culture, science, sports and other interesting subjects from around the world
  • Item #4 usually consists of an interesting Israeli advertisement

Subscribers at each Hebrew level receive different E-Tone® editions on a weekly basis. You are able to view, listen and understand the actual news at a regular pace, able to repeat whatever seemed difficult and practice the new vocabulary.

You can access samples of the E-Tone® below and significantly improve your Hebrew online!

Click here to get a sample of the Low Intermediate Hebrew weekly online newspaper

Click here to get a sample of the High Intermediate Hebrew weekly online newspaper

Click here to get a sample of Advanced Hebrew weekly online newspaper


  • Monthly Subscription: $19.99
  • Yearly subscription: $199
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