Hebrew-Grammar for Groups and Families

Ulpan Or’s unique Eshkol program allows groups to learn and study topics including Hebrew grammar together. Whether a group visiting Israel or a family, learning together is an enjoyable experience that allows participants to speak together in real situations.The Hebrew-grammar program includes the following components:

Online evaluation of participants prior to their arrival in Israel. Ulpan-Or will have a better feel as to the Hebrew-grammar level of most participants, allowing for a customized program from day one.

Tours and travel, where the groups will learn Hebrew grammar with Ulpan-Or’s Rapid Language Acquisition methodology and practice Hebrew grammar in real-life situations.

Meetings in coffee shops, and other real-life settings in Israel, in order to practice Hebrew grammar outside of the classroom.

The basis of the course is focused on audio and visual learning, hearing different real-life conversation and listening to Israeli songs. Uses real materials, such as the E-Tone® Hebrew-grammar newspaper. Professional and dynamic teaching staff, with many years of experience teaching small groups.

The dynamics and specifics of the Hebrew-grammar program can be customized to your group’s or family’s needs.Schedule and pricing depends on the specific needs and details of the group.Contact us for your uniquely planned Eshkol program and a detailed price.


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