Easy Hebrew to Speak Like a Sabra

Intensive, full-day immersion program with tours

Learn, breathe and eat Hebrew while improving your Hebrew conversational skills and talk like a Sabra! “Sabra” is the word used to describe a native Israeli. Our Sabra Hebrew Immersion program will have you learning Hebrew and speaking like a native Israeli in no time at all! The one-week Sabra Hebrew Immersion Program features learning Hebrew easily (and more) while touring Israel, plus one-on-one learning at Israeli cafes over cups of coffee. While the Mini-Israel workshop provides a partial immersion setup, the Sabra workshop has been designed for a full-day immersion into both complex and easy Hebrew.

These workshops are designed to combine classroom studies at Ulpan-Or with tours, so that you will be immersed in advanced and easy Hebrew all week. A typical Sabra day consists of three hours a day of one- on- one study in the morning, a break, and then we meet again for another 1.5 hours of interactive outdoor activities, such as our Hebrew To Go or Cup O’Hebrew programs. The three-hour indoor session is split into 3 half-hour individual lessons, each followed by a self study session in Ulpan-Or office.This course is very intensive, so one of the days during the week (usually Tuesday) is a half-day immersion day to let students have a short “rest” where they can keep busy with digesting the acquired materials and completing assignments prior to continuing with the intensive program. Prices include books, tours and CDs with audio content required for the program.

Learn, breathe, and eat high-level and easy Hebrew for a full-day over a period of five days in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv! Improve your Hebrew conversational skills while enjoying coffee in one of Jerusalem’s beautiful cafes with your personal, easy-Hebrew coach. Experience tours in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, actually becoming a Hebrew tour-guide yourself! Speak to Israelis in real-life situations.

Please click here to reserve your spot in our Jerusalem offices or Tel Aviv Offices, or contact us today for more information. All our immersion courses are taught in our Jerusalem offices in Emek Refaim 43 or our Tel Aviv offices in Kauffman 4

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Course Price:

Two weeks – $2,769 USD + 17% VAT

One week – $1,619 USD + 17% VAT


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