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To Learn Hebrew: Testimonials on Writing Hebrew

Click here to listen to a recorded testimonial from Barbara C. from CanadaClick on the picture below and watch the video of Barbara on her T-Ulpan tripto learn hebrew, writing hebrewKathy P. – took an intensive 10-lesson course while staying on a short business trip in IsraelKathy wrote in her course assessment feedback “Your Ulpan was a pleasure,…I am amazed that in 12 lessons, I have gotten to the point where I sometimes find myself thinking in Hebrew” Star M. – has been living in Israel for two years. Took several courses in standard Ulpans and came to study at Ulpan-Or .Star wrote in her course assessment feedback: “The CDs and the telephone lessons helped me a lot. It was an excellent course!” David S. – a medicine student. David came to study Torah in Israel and took an intensive 10-lesson courseDavid wrote in her course assessment feedback: “An excellent course that teaches confidence, comprehension, grammar and the tools for further study” Nicki W. – stayed for 3-month Sabbatical in Israel. Took an intensive 12-lesson course.Nicki wrote in her course assessment feedback: “This Ulpan has definitely been one of the highlights of Israel for me” Ulpan Or, run by a really professional and helpful lady (Orly Ganor) who has an office in the centre of Jerusalem. She has an innovative way of teaching where her regular hour-long lessons are supplemented by twice (or more) weekly telephone lessons. The approach helps you use everyday Hebrew with great confidence, and departs from the standard Ulpan techniques which covers a lot of perceivably irrelevant subjects. The one-to-one attention is also a factor in achieving fluency and confidence. Whatever your level, she gauges were you are and takes you further, fast. I started learning with her in August and my progress has been phenomenal. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you as an excellent teacher and coach.Natania G., England HEBREW COURSE ASSESSMENT First name: Rahel B., USA Occupation: Student Referred by: Found it on line
  • Course accommodation Excellent
  • Studying atmosphere Excellent
  • Learning Method (rules) Excellent
  • Course written material Excellent
  • Tele – lesson method Excellent
Comments: I have studied with many Hebrew teachers, at least 7 and Orly is by far the best teacher I’ve had. She took much more of a personal interest in my studying. I didn’t feel like just one of her many students. Because the classes were private and because we spoke twice or three times a day, she could keep track of my progress much more closely and adjust what we were doing more quickly than if we were meeting once or twice a week. She understood the problems I’ve had with speaking and understanding spoken Hebrew and addresses those problems immediately so I felt successful right away in the classes. When I reached what I thought was a permanent wall which I had reached many times before, Orly understood what was happening because she had seen this same phenomenon in many other students and could honestly assure me that I would move past that point. I let myself believe her and continued studying and she was right. I did move past that place and am now speaking at one or two levels beyond where I started. My listening skills have progressed one level beyond where I was. But I believe that as I continue learning and speaking Hebrew in my rabbinic school ulpan, I will also continue to improve in that area. The tele-lessons, I believe,were the most powerful tool that helped me progress so rapidly. Speaking in Hebrew two or three times a day, forced me to do what was so uncomfortable for me and pushed me past my discomfort. And the added benefit of being able to feel more connected to Israelis because I could finally speak their language was a great incentive and an instant reinforcement. The affirmations were also very helpful. When I began to say them many times a day, my Hebrew abilities increased more rapidly. I tore one of the pages that listed the affirmations from my workbook and placed it on the dining room table, the most central location in my apartment, and read the words to myself whenever I went into the dining room. I began to believe the affirmations and believe that I could actually become fluent in Hebrew. I recommend Orly unequivocally. Her patience and belief in her method, helped me accept where I was and helped me believe that I would continue to improve both my speaking and my oral comprehension as I continued to study and live here. HEBREW COURSE ASSESSMENTComments: I was very much challenged to study and to go through the Hebrew. The distance learning was excellent: child, household and working worked together. It was good to have the pressure every day and to get to the point to start to speak Hebrew outside the course.Thomas S., Germany LETTERSDear Orly- I am writing to express my satisfaction with your Hebrew course. When I came to Israel two months ago, I found myself in the difficult situation of wanting to improve my Hebrew yet not having time to attend a formal, full-time ulpan. My first thought was to try to find books or computer based language instruction but I soon realized that all the materials I could find, both in the United States and Israel, were geared more purely to beginners and were not suited to helping me build upon my existing, rudimentary foundation. I was delighted, therefore, to be referred to your course by a good friend of mine who had completed your introductory course. Your combination of books, dialogues recorded on compact discs, and daily telephone calls fit my needs ideally. The home study materials were excellent resources to immerse myself in spoken Hebrew in a manner that befit my schedule, while the brief, daily telephone lessons provided an outlet to ask questions and to practice speaking the language. I feel that I made substantial progress under your guidance and I look forward to taking another course with you to continue building my skills.Yours sincerely, Dr. Michael K., USADear Orly,Learning a second language is difficult for most English speakers, especially Hebrew. For years now, I have struggled with program after program trying to learn the Hebrew language. Of course I learned, but the stress and pressure was always terrific. Last year a friend told me about Orly and her plan of study. Based on my past experience I was reluctant to sign up. However, from the first day I knew I was in the right place. Orly has the gift of transmitting the Hebrew language without the stress and pressure that other programs bring. I admit that I have a long way to go, but Orly has given me the confidence to try, and the reality of making progress in understanding Hebrew. I have taken lessons while in Jerusalem and have done tele-lessons while in the states. The tele-lessons have been wonderful because they keep me focused on the language and give me a reason to study. I recommend Ulpan by Orly without any reservation. It has been wonderful for me and others that I know. Dianne B. Austin, TexasHi Orly, We are back in Australia and have been for 48 hours. The trip back was uneventful but very very long and we were all exhausted when we gotin. In an effort to get the children back onto Australian time, I sent them to school on the day we arrived – I wanted them to stay awake and that is so much easier when there are things going on around you – friends, lessons, lunchtime etc. In the first Hour that Tobi was there, the coordinator of the Ivrit programme asked her to sit the cross-grade Ivrit assessment. This is an exam given to all the children in the year in an attempt to compare each child to the others so that they can be graded and classed with children of like abilities. Tobi was withdrawn from the class as the otherchildren had already sat the exam previously, and she sat the exam. She finished and the paper was taken and marked. She was very excited when, a few hours later, it was returned to her and she learned that she had received 100% on her paper and that she will be placed into the top Ivrit class (with the native Ivrit speakers). She and I both give the credit to you. It was not my aim that the children be placed into the top classes for Ivrit,when I enrolled them in your Ulpan – but that they should improve their Hebrew enough to enjoy the language and to enjoy speaking it with their friends. I wanted them to enjoy the Ulpan classes, have fun with the language and feel like they accomplished something. They did all this and the fact that they have also improved enough to place them at the top of their years is a huge bonus. Thank you so much. fondlyAriane, AustraliaShalom Orly,I would like to let you know that I really enjoy the lessons and the study kits. They are much better than any other course materials I know, (and I know all the in Germany in bookstores available books/cassettes) and the book from Israel we were using in my previous hebrew course at the peoples high school of the Jewish community in Frankfurt. It’s really true that the three-times-a-week-frequency helps to progress. One thing is that a one-on-one tele-lesson is very intensive, the other thing is that I realized that with the 3times-frequence I can’t stop thinking on/in Hebrew. For example, yesterday in the afternoon I was watching a football (soccer) game at a sportsbar. While watching the programme I became aware that in my mind I went through the dialog again. It’s the same with the songs, I now know four of the songs and am learning two more. The songs just come to my mind during the day/week and so I am learning/repeating hebrew without any effort and at times or in situation I am not able to learn “formally”. After my first lessons now with Ulpan Or I decided to not continue my previous course at the peoples high school because this would simply make no sense. I progress much faster with your course, so I would not learn anything new there. There anyway is a break till march. Neither could I use it as an additional opportunity to speak hebrew as it’s a class of 10-15 people and the teacher always asks the class as a whole and the class answers together and so on… I started learning Hebrew in September 2003 at the “Peoples High School” of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt (in German: “VHS Volkshochschule”, you maybe know this german municipal institutions). The course got me started but progressed to slowly. We had lessons only one time a week and the school ist closed whenever the normal german schools have holidays. Between the semesters there were long weeks (up to three months) without lessons. The book we used was only in Hebrew without any explanations in another language and there were no cd’s or cassettes available for this book: so it has been almost impossible to learn alone e.g. if one wasn’t able to take part in a lesson. I also got some Hebrew-study-kits form bookstores but found none of them really very helpful and I could not combine them with the course at the school because the order of the topics was different. I found Ulpan-Or via Internet and ordered their study-kits in November last year and started in December with tele- lessons (three times a week). On the coming Sunday (30th January) I will travel to Israel for fourteen days and will make a P.I.L.L. Course there. The lessons are fun and I really progress. I find the composition of the study-kits is very helpful e.g. that there is an extra book for the verb-forms at the intermediate level where you learn the rules of how to “transform” the verbs according to tense, gender and person and not only learn each form of the verbs. I also find the cd’s very helpful. Compared with other study-kits there is much more content on the cd’s and not only some dialogs, even the explanations are on the cd’s so that it is possible to learn even without the book. I found that the frequency is very important: with my three tele- lessons per week I’m always “in” the language, I don’t need to “warm up” to say something in Hebrew.Michael S., Germany


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