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Hebrew School Blues

If your parents wanted to instill in you a Jewish identity and to have Jewish pride, you may have attended “Hebrew School” for seven or so years of your life. That’s fifty two Sundays a year and some other days of the week, week in and week out, over a long period of years. You should have come out with the ability to read the constitution in Hebrew, or at least not struggle through your Bar or Bat-Mitzvah reading.But alas, you didn’t really pick up that much, and now years later, you’re wondering why. Other than “shalom,” you can’t recall too much Hebrew, and your accent got you some curious stares when you tried to speak Hebrew on your last trip to Israel.Ok, so a main factor in your inability to access those parts of your memory was the lack of interest. With public school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities in addition to your social life and family, Hebrew school wasn’t up there foremost in your thoughts about important areas of life.But another essential element was the teaching process. The boring, lecture-based way that you learned Hebrew can have a reverse effect on the students – it’s actually conducive to forgetting.If you’re regretting your disinterest, there are courses available that teach Hebrew in an innovative fashion where you’re immersed in a conversational Hebrew environment to help you learn Hebrew faster. It’s fun and it’s social and you’ll be speaking in no time. At your next trip to Israel, be prepared to impress.


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