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Welcome to Ulpan-Or! You’re here, reading this blog and checking out this site, because you want to learn Hebrew and you want to learn quickly. That is exactly what Ulpan-Or is designed to do.Whether you’re looking to get some basic Hebrew pointers for when you come to Israel on vacation; or you’ve decided that you need to read Haim Nachman Bialik’s poetry in its original Hebrew; you want to learn Hebrew online and take advantage of Ulpan-Or’s unique, Rapid Language Acquisition method; or you’ve gone the whole Zionist hog and made aliyah (in which case Mazal Tov!), we have the program for you.If you’re a frequent visitor to Israel, you’re probably already aware of the obstacles you face if you don’t know the lingo. First and foremost, you can’t shout fluently at your taxi driver for not turning on the meter. Here at Ulpan-Or, we can teach you how to say in fluent Hebrew “you drove halfway around the city to get to a spot two minutes from where we started!” I think everyone will agree, that’s a pretty valuable lesson.If that sounds enticing, then our frothy “Cup O’ Hebrew” session is for you. Amidst the heady atmosphere of an Israeli coffee house, you get a 90-minute session of intense Hebrew conversation, enabling you to get to grips with some Hebrew essentials and start using those new-found linguistic skills right away. As a bonus, you’ll learn the difference between a latte and the local special, a haffuch, and discover why Israeli coffee is so superior that Starbucks couldn’t make it in Israel.If that’s not your cup of…hot caffeinated beverage, you could try our “Hebrew to Go” program. It’s a two-hour session, combining Hebrew conversation with a trip to one of Israel’s innumerable attractions, archaeological treasures, museums and similar sites.But what if you’ve taken the plunge, heeded the call of Herzl, Jabotinsky and Ben Gurion and come to live in the Jewish homeland? You need to get a handle, and quickly, on the native tongue. Learning Hebrew is THE key to a successful integration into Israeli society, getting a job, making friends and settling down. You’re going to need to negotiate some pretty scary bureaucracy, find a place to live, , make new friends and soak up some of Israel’s vibrant cultural life. For that, you’re going to want to learn Hebrew fast!Ulpan-Or’s intense immersion courses allow you to learn to speak Hebrew confidently and much more quickly than more traditional language classes. We have intensive, one or two-week courses such as the Sabra program or the less intense Dekel course, a one month program which allows you to maintain your work (and play) schedule while building up your Hebrew language skills.And, as we mentioned above, if you want to learn away from our Jerusalem and Tel Aviv premises the online learning courses Ulpan-Or provides are brilliant tools for getting started. You get a course tailored for your Hebrew level, and private tuition with an Ulpan-Or teacher who you connect with via Skype or phone..Plus of course, there’s the Ulpan-Or blog. Stick this page in your favourites or in your RSS feed and you’ll get a steady stream of all things Hebrew. We’re going to introduce you to the wealth of Israeli culture and Hebrew language through this blog. Israeli slang, for example. Slang in Israel is unbelievably dynamic but can be a bit hard to grasp for the uninitiated. How’re are you going to decipher the word “לפסבק” (le-fasbek) if you didn’t read on the Ulpan-Or blog that it’s the Israeli verb for Facebooking? If you’re told that a movie or concert is simply הזמן על חבל (haval al hazman – literally, a waste of time) you might get put off, but tuning in to this blog will ensure you know that it’s not to be missed. If you want to know what’s hot in the land of Hebrew; get to know some classic and contemporary Israeli literature and music; and generally be informed about the rich and vibrant Hebrew culture, then watch this space.Please let us know what you think, make a comment below or contact us today to learn more about Ulpan-Or.


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