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Hebrew Online — Guided Distance-Learning

Ulpan-Or’s Guided Distance-Learning (GDL) program allows for Hebrewonline students to be surrounded by the language anywhere in the world. A lot of our students choose to continue studying with us through distance-learning after they have finished their initial programs with us here in Israel.During the course, students receive personal Hebrewonline coaching through Internet-communication platforms including Skype or land-line phones, allowing them to advance their Hebrew significantly and gain the skills necessary to speak fluently and confidently — without needing to visit or live in Israel. The course is based on Ulpan-Or’s unique teaching-method — utilizing study-kits, online guides, and one-on-one communication — while providing the attention and intimate feeling while learning Hebrewonline with a face-to-face teacher. The module’s method never reduces students to anonymous faces in a classroom.We recommend that you start with our one-month GDL module, which includes eight 45-minute sessions with a personal teacher from Israel conducted using Skype as a free Internet-communication tool. You will have great progress in Hebrewonline even after only the first lesson!

Hebrew Online

To learn Hebrewonline at the Speed of Light, visit Ulpan-Or’s Internet store or contact us today. Teachers are ready to study with you one-on-one or in an online virtual class. Whether you are planning your next trip to Israel or just want to feel more connected, we have a long-distance learning program that is right for you. The best way to learn Hebrew online has never been easier with Ulpan-Or’s Guided Distance-Learning (GDL) program. Don’t forget to contact us today!

Course Price:

One month – $459 USD (No VAT, if outside of Israel)


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