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Language Hebrew: Learn By Self-Study


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Language Hebrew: Learn By Self-Study

“…Your combination of books, dialogues recorded on compact discs … fit my needs ideally. The home study materials were excellent resources to immerse myself in spoken Hebrew in a manner that befit my schedule. I feel that I made substantial progress under your guidance and I look forward to taking another course with you to continue building my skills.” -Dr. Michael K., USA

Ulpan-Or’s self study kits allow you to study Hebrew anywhere in the world and from any location, even when you don’t have Internet access or can’t make it to Israel.

The study kit starts from the beginning of the Hebrew language – the Alef Bet – until advanced concepts. No matter your level, there is a kit to meet your needs. Ulpan-Or’s study kits will have you understanding Hebrew in no time! Whether you want to understand the synagogue service better or prepare for your upcoming visit to Israel, there is a kit to fit your language level.

Learn the Hebrew alphabet, expand your vocabulary and converse your way around Israel.

Ulpan-Or’s study kits were developed using our unique Rapid Language Acquisition methodology that enables students to learn Hebrew at an incredibly rapid pace. You can teach yourself Hebrew at your own pace, regardless of location.

Ranging in levels from beginner to advanced; several kits are offered to meet each student’s unique needs and goals. Each study kit comes with a CD/MP3 so you can follow along as you learn at your own pace.

Customize your study for whatever you want to learn. Study kits are available for:

Beginner (Alef) Level

The beginner level kit (Alef-level) is divided into seven structured units. Each unit contains new vocabulary, grammar, and dialogues for improving conversational Hebrew skills.

After completing the kit, students will usually progress by one full level, acquiring some 500 new Hebrew words and expressions. The 500-word dictionary is provided at the end of the study book.

The Beginner kit includes:

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level kits (Bet-Gimmel) includes three related study kits. These kits include review material, conversational dialogue, verbs and grammar. Kits focus on ordinary situations in the family, workplace, and other places. It will also explore various real-life situations that occur in the Israeli media. It includes radio clips, newspaper items and interviews.

Advanced Level

The advanced level kits (Dalet-Hey) cover Literature, Media, and Culture. Divided into ten sections, topics include, Human Characteristics and Character Traits, Food, Health, History around Jerusalem, Shopping, Hebrew and Communication, and the Media.

Our advanced level teaches grammar on a high level, using interesting and relevant topics. The advanced level kit will have you speaking Hebrew like a sabra!

The advanced level kit includes:

Whatever your level, wherever you are located, and whether studying alone, in a group, Ulpan-Or’s self study kits will help you achieve your Hebrew goals. Whether you want to lilmod ivrit or litpalel b’siddur, Ulpan-Or’s self study kits will guide you on your way.

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