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Hebrew Names

Hebrew Names

Most of the Hebrew names have their origin in the Bible and may sound very interesting to you. If you want to know what Hebrew names mean, then you have come to the right place! You can learn maybe for the first time what your own Hebrew name means! We at Ulpan-Or have been dedicating our services to help people imbibe and learn Hebrew. Through a holistic combination of interactive kits and Ulpan-Or specialized RLA (Rapid Language Acquisition) approach, we aim to help people worldwide learn to speak Hebrew.

Customized Programs

There are many sites on the internet, which assist you to learn Hebrew online. However, what makes Ulpan-Or stand apart, is our customized and tailored programs according to the specific needs of each person and the age group. This is why we have specialized programs to learn Hebrew according to adults, teenagers, families as well as children. We even have distance learning tutorials and classes to help our friends worldwide learn to speak Hebrew easily.

RLA Method

RLA also known as Rapid Language Acquisition is a power-packed combination that involves textual as well as audio techniques to quickly help people learn Hebrew. Our Guided Distance Learning programs help students learn Hebrew with a personal coach, as if it was face to face and get individual guidance regarding any difficulties. This method of teaching through RLA was the breakthrough brainchild of Yoel Ganor and Orly Ganor. This method was the result of years of interaction with students across the world falling under different age groups. RLA is similar to the concept of Dr. Krahsens SLA method of teaching.

Teaching Methods

Our interactive methods help you to learn Hebrew very easily. We at Ulpan-Or believe in consistency. This is why we reinforce our teachings gradually, yet quickly, so that it becomes second nature to learn to speak Hebrew. In fact, our distance learning kits have helped our students all over the world to easily learn Hebrew online without any hassle.

Study Materials

The study materials developed by Ulpan-Or have several components to aid a student learn to speak Hebrew within a very short time. The first is the audio component, which helps the student acquire Hebrew and vocabulary easily. The second is the grammar part, which helps the student learn Hebrew grammar based on patterns of sound. The third comprises the overall ambience of learning. The atmosphere only positively encourages students to speak Hebrew correctly. This method instills confidence. The last component comprises outdoor activities. Through various outdoor and indoor activities students are faced with real world situations. They get to interact with Israelis and it also helps students learn Hebrew culture and communication as well.


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