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          Rivka’s Diary

          “I will stop talking now. Makoshova argues with me that this

          kind of famine has yet to be seen. Maybe not for her, but for us,

          for me. Oh, God, what we’ve already been through. When our

          mother was sick, I cooked 0.7 oz of potatoes for 4 people, with

          no side dish. Mother received the potatoes, and we only drank

          the water. Everyone received a little piece, for the taste of it


          This piece was written by Rivka Lifshitz, a Jewish girl of only

          14, on February, 1944, when she was at the Lodz Ghetto in

          Poland. In the midst of WWII, Rivka writes a diary.

          “Sunday, I’m sitting in school just like everyone else, waiting

          for  the  soup.  Enough!  Enough  of  talking  about  food.  Am  I

          writing  about  food  yet  again?  What  has  happened  to  me?

          Whenever I think of food, I become ill.”

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