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          In this booklet we bring an amazing story of a Holocaust-period diary

          that was discovered only in 2009, 67 years after it was written.

          This is the diary of Rivka Lifshitz, a 14-year-old Jewish girl who lost

          both  her  parents  and  two  younger  brothers  in  the  horrors  of  the


          In  a  moving  ceremony,  Dr.  Anita  Friedman,  representative  of  the

          Holocaust Museum in San Francisco, arrived in Israel and handed the

          diary to Rivka's two surviving cousins.

          One of the cousins, Esther, who was several years older than Rivka,

          raised her during that terrible time.

          Together,  the  three  girls  moved  from  the  ghetto  to  the  Auschwitz

          concentration  camp  and,  after  surviving  the  death  march,  arrived

          exhausted in Bergen-Belsen.

          When  the Allies liberated the camp, Rebecca was very ill and was

          transferred to a hospital. It was the last time they saw her alive ...

          Despite  all  the  horrors  she  experienced,  Rivka  tried  to  remain

          optimistic and not let the enemy subdue her spirit.

          Rivka wrote in her diary:

          "I'm a Jew, I'm poor in the ghetto, I do not know what will happen

          to me tomorrow, and yet I laugh at the whole world, because I have

          something very big to lean on - faith."

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