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          Locating the Relatives

          “She called me from Yad Vashem, and asked me if I am familiar with

          the name Rivka Lifshitz. I told her, yes, It’s my mother’s cousin. So

          she says to me, I have something very emotional to tell you. I said to

          her, what? And she said, we found a diary that she wrote. I said, now?

          So many years later?”

          It is only due to the witness documents which were filled out in back

          in the 1950’s, that the Yad Vashem staff were able to locate Rivka

          Lifshitz’s cousins, Esther and Mina, which live here in B’nei B’rak,

          and let them know that the diary has been found, and send photocopies

          of the diary.

          “It sent me back to those days. It’s difficult to understand. You try to

          disconnect,  and  it  comes  back  to  you.  It  comes  back  with  a  few

          sleepless nights because you go through it again. And I don’t want to

          give them (the Nazis) that pleasure of me not sleeping- no!

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