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with Ulpan-Or Torah Insights

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[donotprint]Learn Hebrew at the speed of light[/donotprint]Learning Hebrew[donotprint]Torah


with Ulpan-Or Torah Insights

פרשת בֹא

בפרשת בא מוזכרת is mentioned מצוות תפילין בפסוק:

והיה לאות על-ידכה, ולטוטפת בין עיניך: כי בחזק יד, הוציאנו יהוה ממצרים. (י”ג, ט”ז)

And it shall be for a sign upon thy hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes; for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt

המילה טוטפת היא מילה מיוחדת unique. הרבה פרשנים commentators ניסו להסביר אותה.

התלמוד אומר שהמילה הזאת מורכבת is combined משתי מילים: “טט” ו”פת”.

פירוש המילה “טט” בשפה הכתפית – שתיים.

פירוש המילה “פת” – בשפה האפריקאית – שתים.

שתיים ועוד שתיים שווה equals ארבע. זה רמז hint לארבע פרשיות מהתורה שיש בתפילין.

“קדש לי כל בכור…” (שמות:י”ג, א’ – י)

“והיה כי יביאך…” שמות: י”ג, י”א – ט”ז)

“שמע ישראל…” (דברים: ו’ , ד’-ט’)

“והיה אם שמוע …” (דברים: י”א, י”ג-כ”א)

יש מחלוקת dispute לגבי סדר הפרשיות order of portions בתפילין בין רש”י לנכד grandson שלו, יעקב בן מאיר – רבנו תם.

רש”י אומר שפרשית “שמע” צריכה להיות לפני before פרשית “והיה אם שמוע”

רבנו תם אומר שפרשית “שמע” צריכה להיות אחרי after פרשית “והיה אם שמוע”

מספרים שכפעם אחת רש”י היה כותב פרשיות של תפילין הוא החזיק held בידיו את הנכד שלו יעקב שהיה אז תינוק קטן.

פתאום התינוק דחף pushed את היד של רש”י והדיו ink נשפכה spilled על הקלף.

הסתכל רש”י על הנכד ואמר: בעתיד תהיה מחלוקת ביני לבין הנכד הזה בעניין פרשיות תפילין.

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Interactive Multimedia Book For iPAD

We are proud to introduce our first Interactive Multimedia Book designed especially for the iPad platform!

Here is what one of our first readers wrote:

“…Great multimedia book, it not only unfolds the different Torah stories, but also teaches Hebrew at the same time. The new iPad features and the embedded recordings are just great!! Anxiously looking forward to getting the next books in this series…”

We are happy to announce the birth of our “New Baby” – the first fully interactivemultimedia Hebrew-English book in a form of an iPad application. This new exciting application is part of Ulpan-Or iHebrew™ series of Hebrew learning books and applications. It presents to the reader fascinating insights, parables and commentaries associated with all twelve weekly Torah portions included in the book of Genesis – Be’Reshit.

The new app can be obtained in the App Store at:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hebrew-from-insight-out-the/id492643150?mt=8

You can watch a short video clip of it and its unique features on YouTube at:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qgkzew5D4k&list=UUzlMGX8TFR-SUUQbfOQoDkA&index=1&feature=plcp The main objective of this application is to assist the user in accessing biblical text in its original language – Hebrew, while enjoying reading and listening to the interesting commentary content.

Why is it called “Hebrew from Insight Out”?

In this book we present various aspects of the Hebrew language as related to insights associated with the biblical texts included in the weekly Torah portions.

Book Design This book design is based on the unique RLARapid Language Acquisition methodology developed by Orly and Yoel Ganor, founders of the center for Hebrew studies and Israeli culture Ulpan-Or. This methodology is applied with tremendous success for learning Hebrew by Ulpan-Or branches in Israel and abroad.In this application, designed especially for use on the iPad platform, special effects and features have been applied to enhance and enrich the reading experience. The application will be updated at no cost, as new features and enhancements get released.We were greatlyassisted in designng this app by Kletsel Digital Publishing

Book Structure The commentary text is presented in an Easy-Hebrew along with a Hebrew-English dictionary associated with the stories and. A full English translation of the commentaries is included as well.Most of the commentaries relate to the unique way some Hebrew words or expressions are used in the Torah, finding out the reason for it and revealing a new understanding of familiar texts.The written part is accompanied by 24 audio recordings, which include a talking dictionary and a recorded Hebrew commentary for each Torah portion. The recordings are played from within the application.Last, but not least – the reader is shown how some of the ancient Hebrew words have evolved into Modern Hebrew words, expressions or idioms.

Coming soon…

Watch for our next Hebrew from Insight Out, covering the book of Exodus – Shemot. Special Book Features using the iPad platform

For every Torah portion we have included:
● Written and recorded vocabulary – “Talking Dictionary” for especially
challenging words and expressions. These words and expressions are arranged
in the vocabulary table according to the order in which they appear in the
insight text and are marked by bold font. When the word appears as part of a
quoted bible verse, it is marked in italics within that verse.
In order to help the reader understand how Hebrew verbs are used and
conjugated within the text, we have included an indication of the Binyan
(verb group) for each infinitive verb form in the table.
· Hebrew insight text and respective illustrations with a touch of humor.
· Full English translation of the Hebrew text – pops up by pulling the
“Translation” tab.
· Expressions and idioms derived from ancient roots, which are used in Modern Hebrew – appear when pressing on “Discover” icon.
· Audio recordings of the Hebrew text and vocabulary – playable by pressing on the respective “Play” button.
We are certain that the dimension of sound, which is a corner stone of the Ulpan-Or’s RLARapid Language Acquisition method, will enable the reader to make significant progress in Hebrew and in the understanding of biblical texts. A printed hard copy version of “Hebrew from Insight Out” (including an MP3 CD) covering all the “Chumashim” – all Five books of Moses can be found in our online store at: http://www.ulpanor.com/osc/product_info.php?products_id=93  We welcome your reactions and comments.Yoel & Orly Ganor
Looking forward to sharing with new many more exciting applications and books in the near future!Yoel & Orly


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