TIP # 5

Learn HebrewTHE HOLIDAY WAY Enjoy learning about the Sukkot Holiday, from this fun free eBook and learn an Israeli song about the buliding of the Sukkah!! Happy Holiday:) Click here to see

Tip# 2


Pessach is upon us, and the summer right behind, so this is the time to get back into shape!!!!

Listen to recordings of Hebrew lessons while jogging or walking and get into shape in body and spirit.

Click on the following link to access our online interactive newspaper- The E-tone® in all 3 levels FREE:

Low Intermediate:

Your username: athleticb
Your password: athleticb

High Intermediate:

Your username: athletici
Your password: athletici


Your username: athletica
Your password: athletica

​You can download it to your personal audio device and listen why you “work”

Valid till April 30th

Keep a lookout for the next 16 tips


Tip #1

Learn Hebrew the musical way.

Music is an international language – listen to lovely Israeli songs while driving your car, riding the bus or doing your dishes, it’s a fun and great way to expand your vocabulary and soon you will be singing along in HEBREW!!!Click on the following icon to get a gift from us, and you can already have four great Hebrew songs to listen to:


Keep looking 17 more tips coming your way!!!


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