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The fear of being a bore

Most of us go through life trying to make some kind of an impact on the world either by leaving an impression on a person or just being interesting to someone else. We’d like to be witty, clever, quick and be taken seriously which many of us succeed in doing on a daily basis to some extent, making a quick joke or having an interesting conversation with a colleague, a friend or family member (or maybe even a stranger). What happens though when you’re trying to be all these things in a foreign language? How can you be quick and witty when you’re simultaneously translating your own words? While speaking Hebrew- Do you have the fear of being a bore??

Paul Hudson, a writer for the “Elite Daily” and philosopher explains the difference between an interesting person and a boring person. What’s cool to note is that being interesting has nothing to do with the language barrier. So here’s a relaxing thought for all our Hebrew students- if you’re interesting in your mother tongue, there’s no reason why you would be boring in Hebrew.

To start with, Hudson reminds us that interesting people like to have conversations, boring people don’t. Let’s put aside the lack of perfect vocabulary in Hebrew; a conversation can be short and funny using what you know and nothing more. People love to talk and engage, so as long as you’re talking you’re already not a bore… If you’re an extrovert, don’t let your lack of vocabulary stop you. Not only will you gain vocabulary and confidence while speaking, you will probably hit it off with anyone you speak to just by demonstrating your willingness to communicate. You will bring a new aspect to the conversation that usually Israelis don’t have between each other.

Hudson goes on to explain that “boring” people are people who like to stay in their comfort zone. It’s easy and cosy so why leave it? While learning a language, that comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be in. Progress stops once we fear to leave our comfort zone, so although you don’t know as many words and phrases as you’d like, try to let go and just talk. If you have a hobby or two or three, learn the basic words for that specific subject, and use them. believe me it’ll open up an abundance of interesting things to talk about with others as well as mutual interests. You can make new connections and practice your Hebrew all while not being a bore!

Try it out and see how letting go of your fear opens up worlds of connections, opportunities and experiences. The alternative, is to stay quiet in your corner and bore everyone to sleep including yourself.


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