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Dear Reader,  As we are approaching the holiday of Pesach, we thought to share with you a few insights associated with this holiday. Pesach is called חג החירות CHAG HACHERUT The Liberty Holiday.It is indeed celebrated on the night of Seder during which do demonstrate a lot of liberty symbols, such as drinking four glasses of wine, leaning on pillows etc.. On such occasion one would expect to have the best bread and cakes during the meal. We however eat Matzah – the unleavened bread, which is mentioned in the Haggadah as “Lachma Anya”, meaning “Bread of Poverty”. Question:Why do we celebrate our liberty with the “Bread of Poverty”? The Maharal from Prague explains: 
There are two main motives in eating the Matzah on Pesach:
1. In its very rapid preparation it symbolizes the uplifting of the liberation of our nation, which occurred in a miraculous way – above time.
2. Matzah, the unleavened bread includes the very same ingredients as the regular leavened bread: flour and water. In making the Matzah, the mixture of flour and water has to be very rapidly baked and the outcome is a very thin unleavened bread. For the regular bread, when the mixture of water and flour stays longer than 18 minutes before baking, it undergoes the process of leavening, thus eventually causing the bread “inflate” and get filled with air bubbles, appearing much thicker than the original ingredients composing it. 
The Maharal explains that a true liberated person does not need to rely on a false “thick image” made by bubbles, he should rather stick to the original ingredients of flour and water and bond to his true authentic liberated image, without the need to “hype” it in any way…
 We wish you and your loved ones to feel as true “Bney Chorin” – and be fully liberated on this holiday. Yoel & Orly And now to my last riddle, published a few weeks ago: The Riddle:I am a child in a family of famous magicians blessed with many children.All of us have great powers. When we gather together, we can really perform exceptional magical tricks. We are able to create and change things I this world.Although I am small and very thin, I possess a special power to reverse the time flow in this world.Who am I? The Answer:Family of magicians is the Hebrew Alephbet (alphabet). The members of the family who have great powers are the Hebrew letters. When they gather together and perform exceptional magical tricks, this is a reference to the words that they form. According to our tradition, G-d created world using words and human beings, using words can change reality.The thin member of the family who can reverse the flow of time is the letter “Vav”. In Biblical Hebrew when the letter “Vav” precedes a verb, which is conjugated in its future-tense form, it is turned into a past tense and when the letter “Vav” precedes a verb conjugated in its past-tense form, it turns it into a future tense. For instance, the verb “YELECH” – ילך, means “Will Go”.However “Va’YELECH” – וילך, means “Went“. The same verb in the past tense is “HALACH” – הלך, means “Went”However “Ve’HALACH” – והלך, means “Will Go“.

So, the answer is – “Letter Vav”

 Very few of you answered this time and only two provided correct answers. And the lucky winner is:J. McKeown from Ireland.As a prize, Mr. Mckeown will receive a study kit of his choice. And to the new riddle now: Here is My New Riddle: 

He decided to omit the fourth of the first…

Who is he?

  The winner will receive a study kit of his choice.I will provide clues, if no right answers are received… Hurry up, solve the riddle and become the Lucky Winner! I wish you Good Luck!Yoel Contact us to find out about our unique Hebrew programs and products.  
   Yoel & Orly


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