Ulpan-Or’s free online Hebrew Course contest

At Ulpan-Or, our online one-on-one Hebrew courses have helped thousands of students learn the Hebrew language. Now is your chance to win a free online Hebrew course! Following the upcoming holidays, Ulpan-Or is currently launching a Facebook contest to win a free online Hebrew course and a three month subscription to e-tone newspaper for learning Hebrew at the speed of light.Who can win the free Hebrew course?Ulpan-Or “win a free online Hebrew course” contest is open for anyone who wishes to learn Hebrew over internet for their educational, personal, business and professional needs. Participating in the contest is pretty easy, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Log on to your facebook account and enter Ulpan-Or’s official facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/ulpanor?sk=app_208195102528120
  2. Click on the like button at the top of the page
  3. Post “Why you love Hebrew” on our wall Or-
  4. Send a short movie “Why I love learning Hebrew” to Ulpan-Or wall to triple your odds to win
The best Post/Movie will win:
  1. Eight individual one-on-one online learning sessions – 400$ value!
  2. Full set of interactive study kits for your level – 200$ value!
  3. Three-month subscription to our unique online interactive newspaper E-tone – 50$ value!
What are you waiting for? ENTER OUR CONTESTWhat are Ulpan-Or’s online Hebrew courses?Ulpan-Or Online Hebrew is like nothing else you have ever tried, offering live online Hebrew conversation in real time with a fully qualified tutor. Here you can learn Hebrew online with the help of online Hebrew tutor.Ulpan-or offers quality courses based on a personalized Hebrew learning system called Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA) method, which strongly advocates an acquisition process as opposed to a learning process for Hebrew writing, Hebrew text, and Hebrew speech.We believe learning the Hebrew Language can be fun and exciting as well as challenging and rewarding.Why study Hebrew with Ulpan-Or?Our teacher-led classes start at elementary and go through to upper-intermediate. We have lessons for everyone!Innovative features including video, chat, interactive newspaper, and more easy to use, state of the art technology.Access to extensive online interactive learning activities for self-study at your own paceExpert feedback, plus the chance to test your progress.What are the advantages of learning Hebrew online?i- Learn Hebrew at home.ii- Learn Hebrew fast.iii- You can choose your time for learning.iv- Time savingUlpan-Or’s Hebrew lessons focus on:
  • Improving speaking skills and developing accurate pronunciation
  • Understanding grammar, and learning when and how to use it
  • Listening and reading for the main idea and detailed information
  • Building vocabulary and slang
  • Understanding the culture of Israel


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