Ulpan-Or’s free online Hebrew Course contest – The Awards!

Ulpan-Or’s free online Hebrew Course contest – The Awards!Our big Facebook contest has got to a sweet end! To those of you who haven’t been here when we had this contest, here is a short remainder of it and the announcement of the winners! At Ulpan-Or, our online one-on-one Hebrew courses have helped thousands of students learn the Hebrew language. In this contest we gave you a chance to win a free online Hebrew course! In the recent holidays, Ulpan-Or launched a Facebook contest to win a free online Hebrew course AND a three month subscription to E-tone® newspaper for learning Hebrew at the speed of light.After going over more than 60 creative post on our wall, and viewing 5 videos of “Why I love Hebrew” here is the announcement we’ve posted with the contest winners:“We are delighted to inform that our competition has come to an end and we are happy to announce the winners: 1st placeJudy Rey Wasserman who posted a lovely video showing the connection between the art she does and the Hebrew language. Judy – congratulations! You have won 1 month GDL (Guide Distance Learning) Hebrew course AND 3 months E-tone® subscription. Kol Hakavod!!Watch Judy’s Video Here! 2nd place – Ray Elias! Who wrote a beautiful short post on our wall and will share his Hebrew with the kids he teaches!!! You win a free 3 months E-Tone® subscription! Kol Hakavod!! 3rd placeSven Lauch! Who was just plain funny and cool!! Kol Hakavod to you as well!!! You win a free 1 month E-Tone® subscription! Kol Hakavod!! And to all the others, thank you so much for taking part in our competition! We appreciate all your kind words and wish you the best of luck in the future!!! Stay connected to our page and enjoy some more special offers and discounts!All of you who participated in the contest (posted on our wall+ sent contact info) will get a 5% discount when ordering an Online Hebrew course (GDL)! this discount will hold till Nov. 19 2011. We wish you all Shana Tova and remember, we are always here for you to help with learning Hebrew in every way you have on your mind- Online Hebrew, Hebrew programs in our classes in Israel, Hebrew self-study kits and more!LE’HITRAOT!!


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