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The Israeli Network: A great way to supplement your Hebrew learning

A guest post by our friends at The Israeli Network

We at The Israeli Network have always been proud to help Ulpan-Or’s students learn even more Hebrew by seeing Israeli news clips with English subtitles in the ulpan’s E-Tone newspaper. The Israeli Network is a way to watch Israeli TV nearly anywhere in the world through various cable and satellite providers. Programs are broadcast with English subtitles, thus providing a way to be entertained, have fun, and learn Hebrew all at the same time. Hmm, entertainment, fun, and learning Hebrew – that sounds a lot like Ulpan-Or’s own courses! The Israeli Network broadcasts Israel’s most-popular programs from many different Israeli TV channels including Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball and soccer; the current-events satire “Eretz Nehederet”; and numerous comedies, dramas, and reality shows. Our shows connect people not only to Israeli culture but also to the Hebrew language! Through Ulpan-Or and The Israeli Network, people can increase their connections to Israel in countless ways. The Israeli Network provides Ulpan-Or’s E-Tone® interactive newspaper with the most recent clips of Israeli TV news from Israel TV 2 with English subtitles. E-Tone® is a weekly, interactive digest of the latest news with additional Hebrew terms to learn. Students can choose the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. A sample of E-Tone® is available here. According to a study by the Media Consulting Group for the European Commission (PDF), people who watch a foreign-language program with native-language subtitles learn the language being studied better: A sample of 6,000 persons covering a total of 33 countries (European Union and Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey) as well as 5,000 students from this same zone were asked about their viewing habits, their preference for dubbing or subtitling and their language skills. According to this survey, subtitling helps to improve foreign language skills and can also create awareness and provide motivation to learn languages, in both formal and informal contexts, thus contributing to the creation of an environment that encourages multilingualism. Each E-Tone® edition, with the subtitled news-reports, is created with Ulpan-Or’s unique Hebrew-learning methodology, and the items are presented in audio and video files with accompanying text as well as an English translation. E-Tone® focuses on different aspects of life in Israel and around the world while providing fresh, relevant news in Hebrew. Each E-Tone® edition usually comes with four specific items:
  • The first is on the latest news in Israel
  • The second is on an important development in the rest of the world
  • The third discusses culture, science, or sports
  • The fourth is an interesting Israeli advertisement
As both The Israeli Network and Ulpan-Or have always maintained, a great way to compliment your Hebrew studies at Ulpan-Or is to watch Israeli TV, see Israeli movies, and listen to Israeli music. It is always important to immerse yourself in the language you are studying as much as possible. We are excited to help Ulpan-Or’s students to do exactly that!


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