The Best Method for Learning Hebrew

Have your tried to learn Hebrew and been disappointed in the results? Perhaps you’re looking into learning the holy tongue and want to get it right the first time. The bad news is that most ulpans and learning systems offer outdated methodologies that aren’t particularly successful, leaving the student more or less where he or she started. The good news is that you can find a learning atmosphere that focuses on acquiring, not just learning Hebrew, and you can attain high proficiency in as little as three months.Language learning programs that offer formal instruction in the grammatical structure of the language have students that end up learning more “about” the language than the language itself. Experiential learning plays a large role in acquiring a new language the same way it plays the main role when children acquire their first language. That means in order to truly acquire a language, you need to be immersed in it, learning it as you’re speaking it, in a natural and uncontrolled setting.Learning Hebrew through lecture and instruction to fluency level could take several years; true immersion, while the most natural setting, could take quite a while as well. Your best bet for quick and effective learning is through a system that focuses on acquisition, providing an atmosphere that imitates immersion while concentrating on an accelerated process.How is this done? Being in a relaxed setting, as opposed to a formal classroom, removes some of the anxiety of feeling the need to succeed. Being in an environment that promotes language learning increases its effectiveness in contrast to simply living with the language. This strengthens motivation and self confidence.For prospective language students, finding the right program providing the proper acquisition tools can make the difference between potential outcomes for three months from now – becoming fluent, or looking for a new system.


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