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Here at Ulpan-Or, we wanted to give you another chance (if you haven’t been following us on Facebook or twitter) to read and learn the Hebrew words and Hebrew phrases that we have been sharing as our “Hebrew tips of the day”. Whether you have been taking Hebrew classes with us at the ulpan in Jerusalem or ulpan in Tel Aviv, or you have participated in our online Hebrew course, these tips will help you everywhere! Modern Hebrew has a lot of slang and sub-text, and our Hebrew words and phrases of the day will help you learn the Hebrew that is not taught in your books! Learning the aleph-bet in Hebrew is the basis to start learning the language, but for those of that want to have spoken Hebrew and want to feel Israeli, these tips will make your day!So what is your favorite Hebrew tip of the day?Which Hebrew phrase or Hebrew word taught you something new? Here are the 14 tips from the last couple of months: 

Hebrew Tip of the Day:

(from Ulpan-Or’s Facebook page and twitter feed)

 1. Popular words these days- #FlotillaMashat, #ProtestMekha’a. Now we wish you all #PeaceSHALOM!2. Take some Cheese- G’vina, add a little Pesto-Pesto, on toast-Tost and you get a Hebrew Sandwich-Sendvich!3. To take a nap (on the couch…) is Lenamnem. It’s almost like you fall asleep when saying it…4. If someone asks how you are, say Achla – slang for “terrific”! Have an Achla day!5. So good to get to Shabbat, rest, eat and be with your love ones. In Hebrew all of this comes together in two words- Oneg Shabbat!6. Counting sheep is used in Hebrew too! Say Lispor Kevasim. Good night! [donotprint][/donotprint]7. It’s so easy to speak Hebrew when you’re saying names of fruits! Avocado stays Avocado, banana- Banana, kiwi- Kiwi, melon-Melon… Can you think of more?8. Whenever you want to emphasize something in Hebrew, just say it twice! For example: Mamash-Mamash (really really), Harbe-Harbe (a lot a lot)!9. Whenever something goes wrong or becomes a mess – use the word Baalagan בלאגן– it always works when you are having one of those messy days!10. The similar expression for Sweet Dreams in Hebrew is Chalomot Paz, which translates more literally to “golden dreams”. What language do you dream in? Here are the tips who didn’t make it to the top 10… 1. When you see a full moon in the sky say “Oh look full moon Yarea’kh Male! Your Isareli friends will be impressed! (That was published on a beautiful full moon night J)2. When someone tells you Slikha in Israel he doesn’t mean #excuse_me but really means Zus (move aside)!3. If you want to say good night in Hebrew, just say Layla Tov. Layla Tov everyone…4. When you try to remember a word in Hebrew try associations! For example: to get confused, Lehitbalbel, sounds like the Tower of ‘Babel’ (and, boy, were they confused!). Can you give us more ideas of how to remember your favorite words?[print_link]


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