If we knew you were coming…we would have sent along some YouTube clips to help improve your Hebrew!

While there is really no substitute for intensive Hebrew study, there are several exercises anyone can do to familiarize themselves with the language, brush up on their vocab, and just get used to hearing Hebrew being spoken. YouTube is a gold mine of Hebrew language clips; search for Rechov Sumsum (רחוב סומסום) for the Israeli version of Sesame Street. Aimed at children, the show (and its YouTube segments) often feature musical numbers and a slower pace ideal for beginners, as oppose to Israeli news or adult programs which may require greater aptitude. Here is a sample, featuring a Hebrew rendition of “If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake”. The familiar tune will not be all you recognize; “Arik” and “Ugifletzet” (Ugi) are Ernie and Cookie Monster’s identical Israeli cousins!Check our list of basic words below and see how many you can catch in the video!Vocabulary:אני/Ani – I איפה /Effo – Where כן/Ken – Yes מתוק/Metuka – Sweet שלום/Shalom – Hello שם/Sham – There שלי/Sheli – My (i.e. “My cake”) טלפון/Telephone – Telephone היום/Yom – Day עוגה/Ugia – Cake


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