Chilean Miners Coming to Israel

Israel and Israelis are used to making the headlines. So it’s nice that there will be a group of people in Israel who made some pretty miraculous headlines of their own.Thirty-one of the 33 Chilean miners who survived 69 days buried deep underground in a collapsed copper mine last year will be visiting Israel this month on a pilgrimage to give thanks for their escape.The miners (coreh in Hebrew, plural corim – כורים ) will visit many holy Christian sites throughout the country , including the Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem (Yerushalayim/ירושלים ), the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (Beit Lehem/בית לחם) and the Sea of Galillee (HaKinneret/ים כנרת)The group will also visit the Western Wall and King David’s Tomb.The trip is the brainchild of Israel’s rather generous tourism minister, Stas Misezhnikov, who extended the invitation of this all-expenses paid pilgrimage not only to the miners but to their wives, mothers (two of them), 33 children , grandchildren (just one) and nephews (also just one), as well as their tennis partners, a pet tortoise and a partridge in a pear tree (ok, we may have made up the last few).The miners will be in Israel from February 23 until March 2. If you see them, make sure to say Shalom and let them know about all the great programs for individuals and for groups to learn Hebrew with Ulpan-Or!


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